Jasco FP-8500 fluorimeter

Spectrofluorometer equipped with a Peltier thermostat

Fluorescence spectroscopy is a versatile tool with a wide range of possible applications in the field of chemistry, biology, or medicine.The FP-8500 spectrofluorometer is a high-performance instrument with several beneficial features including optimized optical design for very low stray light, a dynamic range of up to 6.5 orders of magnitude, high sensitivity, high spectral resolution, and high-speed scanning, which enables fast and high-accuracy measurements of various samples even with low fluorescence levels. 3D spectra measurement mode, temperature-controlled measurements are available. Phosphorescence samples can be studied.

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Example results

Determination the binding affinity of biomolecular interactions

  • Binding assays exploiting intrinsic fluorescence of (poly)peptides or small molecule compounds
  • Binding assays exploiting fluorescence of coupled fluorescent dyes

Determination the hosting capacity of various biomolecules or foldamers using e.g. polarity-sensitive fluorescent guest moleculesBinding assays with fluorescent compounds to study assembly formation of various systems e.g. micelles, foldamers, peptide-small molecule associates