CytoFLEX Flow cytometer

Flow cytometry (FACS) is a powerful technique that can provide us with information combined with several staining protocols about the properties of cells (morphology, cellular properties, cell cycle stage, etc.). Its great advantage lies on the potential to analyze individual cells in a population without averaging (in contrast to e.g., Western blot).

Advantages of Cytoflex instrument:

  • Unique collection of innovative technologies provide exceptional detection capabilities, exquisite sensitivity

  • Use violet side scatter to detect nanoparticles: 200 nanometer sensitivity- enabling nanoparticle analysis including extracellular vesicles, viruses and more

  • Extensive set of repositionable band pass filters

  • Flexibility to upgrade by adding additional parameters

  • Intuitive software to facilitate multicolor analysis

  • Large dynamic range to resolve dim and bright populations in the same sample

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Example results
  • Determination of early-apoptotic, late apoptotic and necrotic cells (% of control) after a treatment with cytotoxic agents

  • cell cycle analysis

  • analysis of nanoparticles (fluorescent nanoparticles, extracellular vesicles)

  • a remarkably versatile tool for the study of platelet function, encompasses multiple assays for multiple purposes (measure the activation state of circulating platelets and their reactivity, diagnose specific disorders etc.)

  • can be helpful in subclassifying AMLs (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) without recurrent cytogenetic abnormalities.