Peptide–drug conjugates are organic molecules composed of (i) a small drug molecule, (ii) a peptide and (iii) a linker. The drug molecule is mandatory for the biological action, however, its efficacy can be enhanced by targeted delivery, which often also reduces unwanted side effects. For site-specificity the peptide part is mainly responsible. The linker attaches chemically the drug to the peptide, but it could also be biodegradable which ensures controlled liberation of the small drug. Despite the importance of the field, there is no public comprehensive database on these species. Herein we describe ConjuPepBD, a freely available, fully annotated and manually curated database of peptide drug conjugates. ConjuPepDB contains basic information about the entries, e.g. CAS number. Furthermore, it also implies their biomedical application and the type of chemical conjugation employed. It covers more than 1600 conjugates from ∼230 publications. The web-interface is user-friendly, intuitive, and useable on several devices, e.g. phones, tablets, PCs. The webpage allows the user to search for content using numerous criteria, chemical structure and a help page is also provided. Besides giving quick insight for newcomers, ConjuPepDB is hoped to be also helpful for researchers from various related fields.